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November 2013

Posted by rctampaflyer on November 12, 2013 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)


Well I have been busy being the Contest Director for the all electric event THE ZEPHYR 2013. All went well and now also splitting duties on the FITS (First in the South) 2014 all electric event in January.

I also have started to begin my Flight Lesson again to earn my Private Pilot's License. I tried many years ago in Colorado but life diverted me. I just flew a Piper Cherokee at Tampa North Pilot Center and gathering all I can for that goal.

New position at my job, new goals, and new experiences... keep moving forward.






today i start my site

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while it may not be published today. Today i make my first entry.

a lot is going on this year comming up. surgery in February, daught goes to New Orleans for a pagent.

2 Fly-in this month in January.