NEW PICTURES NOV 2013 NEW PICTURES NOV 2013 A new Night Flyer A dynam Smart Trainer. Using LED light system and LED strips that light up during use as a night trainer 186586151 My Enterprise in flight A SG Talon kit , it also has Leds under the paper. so it is also a night flyer. I think I have a picture here all lit up also. 186586152 ASM p-61 a conversion to electric. Uses 2 tacon power 46's swinging 11x8 3 blade props. 2 70a esc's and 1 AGA POWER 6 cell 5200mah lipo for 4-5min flights. Retracts and over 2000watts, 120amps combined pull on the system 186586153 p-61 on low pass see other pic for set up 186586154 me launching the enterprise 186586155 me and randy he was operating my QX350 for aerial video, while I was demo flight on my Shockjet w/ smoke during a fly-in 186586156 Randy and ME at a TOP GUN DEMO my 1/4 Scale Flair Triplane. I am sponsored on this plane With AGA POOWER Lipos. The Plane Uses A tacon power 110 motor, 70a esc, 1 6cell AGA POWER LIPO 5200mah , swings a 20x6 propeller for a better than scale power set-up. 186586157 Me and L-5 Stenson "Sentinel" 1/4 scale , OS Gemini Flat twin cylinder 4 stroke nitro engine for power Warbirds over TRCC 2013 186586158 ME and my CBM F-16 At Warbirds over TRCC 2013 using a AGA POWER LIPO 6cells on a pusher prop setup/ 186586159 My Dr-1 Triplane in flight at the Blue max 2013 out of model airplane magazine 186586160 a project plane f-22 twin dynamax nitro ducted fans. bought used, had to make some missing parts. 186586161